2017-10-07 – VERBØTEN – Brutality x Heretic Haunted House



There is conflict in the mind of a murderer. Two violent monstrosities, battling each other, tearing their way through anything, or anyone, they can find. There is no peace here. Only destruction.

Ten minutes before my appointment with Brutality, I start walking down a deserted road, all alone, surrounded by industrial buildings. Looking over my shoulder, wondering whether they were watching me. A while later, I reach the door, a crossed out O taped in front of an illuminated window. I’m early, everlasting minutes punctuating my feelings of dread. A silhouette appears in the window, awaiting me. Upstairs, I can hear shouting, heavy hits. I really want to turn back – but I don’t. Read More


2017-07-15 – Fraternity



I am following a child. My name was called, and now, a kid, smartly dressed, not older than twelve, is leading the way down a corridor. He opens a door, revealing a dusky stairwell, down to the basement. A chair with a tiny bell, and a sheet of paper, telling me to strip down to my underwear, to put on the ceremonial garment, and to ring the bell. A brief moment of trepidation, and then I disrobe, and don the clothing the Order had provided for my initiation. I sit down, and I ring the bell. A bright chime echoes down the stairs, and instantly, I hear footsteps, coming up the stairs. They had been waiting. Read More


2013-11 proscenium 02

Attention is a highly prized commodity. Movies become background noise during dinner, interrupted by quickly checking up on social media and rapidly typing some response out. Youtube videos lasting over thirty seconds are skipped through to see the punchline as fast as possible, before moving on to the next one, and the next one, and the next one. With so many contenders vying for two seconds of our time, our already short attention spans can feel like they are being quartered. In a world where it gets increasingly difficult to catch our eye, moments where you’re in the moment and fully focused are rare and precious. Maybe in part as a countermovement to all this, ‘immersive’ has become a huge buzzword these last years in theatre and creative communities. So – let’s explore the subject for a bit. Read More

Fraternity – The story so far (+ post event update)


A mere two months ago, Fraternity was announced. An experience designed by the people behind the Frequent Fear podcast – lasting for about thirty minutes, all by yourself. In those two months, a lot has happened, different sides to the unveiling story have come forward, and it is even starting to look like the creators of this show are in over their heads. For those who just stumbled onto Fraternity, or for anyone who wants to refresh their memories – a recap of what has happened. Read More

2017-05-13 – Snuffhouse After Dark

snuff logo

I can’t complain. I had it coming. During three different incarnations of Snuffhouse Alone, it became a bit of a gag for me to tease Mr. Black. To see how far I could take it. And it was a lot of fun – at Christmas Dinner I showed up in a Santa hat and a silly christmas jumper, before Valentine’s I wrote him a cheeky love letter. And I always got away with it, kind of. Drenched and beaten up a bit more than I would have been, but good times, all in all. Now, I was to enter his home for what looked like the final time. He had four hours to give me a proper send-off. I wouldn’t be the one laughing this time. Read More

2017-04-17 – Cracked vs H E R E T I C

cr vs h 3

“Dear subject 7. It is now less than 24 hours until Cracked vs Heretic begins.”

I had been at this place before. Ten of us, standing around a desolate road leading from nowhere to nowhere, dressed in layers upon layers of clothes we were okay with to discard in the hotel room’s trash can some six hours from now. We had been waiting nine months for this – nine months since Cracked vs Heretic first was announced. Scrutinized and evaluated thoroughly on the player page. Alliances and banter and friction. Tension arising. I had been here before, this situation, this place. Difference is, the last time, I was nervous. This time, I felt like my chest was caving in under the weight of a truck – for days already. Read More

2016-12-17 – Twisted Fairy Tales


Sometimes, you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into, and tonight most certainly was one of those cases. An immersive theatre, about fairy tale characters. But, strictly adults only. We were teased with pictures of a police inspector, of a dancing pole along with some red heels, telling us basically nothing at all. We found ourselves sitting on a huge mattress. In front of us was a little girl, telling us how she was afraid to go to sleep alone. Whether we would please stay with her. The stories her father tells her, the characters in them, they haunt her dreams. Please, please, would we stay with her? We laid ourselves down on the mattress and closed our eyes. Mere moments later, the screaming began. Read More

2016-12-16 – Christmas FestEVIL at Scare Kingdom Scream Park + Snuffhouse Xmas Dinner


‘Tis the season. Sickly sweet traditions, pretty lights, all the warmth and love you can endure. But, not for us, not on this day. We find ourselves in front of the Haxenghast manor, the eve of the Midwinter Solstice in 1847. The cold is biting at our fingertips, and when the front door opens, we hurry inside. A festive scene, with a sparkling christmas tree next to the fireplace, a big pile of presents underneath. On the table, another present, wrapped in red velvet, begging to be opened. Emily, the youngest of the Haxenghast family, usually such a well-behaved and obedient girl, has snuck out of her bed, to open just the one gift. Surely, with only a couple hours to midnight, it shouldn’t matter? But sometimes, just one misstep leads to an avalanche of trouble, and Emily’s premature opening of the present ushers in the presence of evil elves, malicious snowmen, ice demons, and Jack Frost himself. Read More