2019-06-15 – Scream Camp



The sun had been up for a good few hours, slowly starting to warm our soaked and chilled bones. Behind us, an idyllic sight, hills of luscious green grass, a couple of horses staring at us in disinterest. The few of us, staggering our way towards civilization. Covered in mud from head to toe, war stripes on our cheeks, wearing shirts that had been spray painted, drawn upon and ravaged – unrecognizable from the pristine white state they had been some ten hours ago. Our Uber driver pulled up – a miracle he even found us at all. His face said it all. Read More


2019-05-18 – CRACKED 5.0



I find myself at the bottom of a crate. My right hand and lower back are stinging, toxic pins and needles setting my skin aflame. I’m folded double, the cumulative weight of at least three people forcing the air out of my lungs. I try to keep my body tension, pushing every muscle to the maximum, so the little space I have for myself doesn’t collapse any further. In my right ear, someone is screaming she can’t breathe, her voice getting more panicked by the second. In my left ear, someone else, whispering “You can do this. You can do this. It’ll be fine.” On the outside, tormentors are kicking the box, pressing us further down. And in the back of my mind – a little voice, going “what if I would pass out now?” Read More

2019-05-02 – The Waldorf Project – Chapter 4: BARZAKH



Lying prostrated, my forehead rests on someone else’s back. My hands, on the cold factory floor, filthy and caked in dirt. Every now and then, black fingers run through my hair. In the distance, I hear the vague sound of rain, through the ever-present thundering drone. As I lift my gaze, an altar, hidden by clouds of fog, but faintly illuminated by a blue hue. Mysterious silhouettes, water cascading down from the sky. Read More

European immersive horror in 2019 – Preview.

The end of another year of immersive horror. The Faceless Ventures team flew over to LA for two intense and emotional nights of Cracked vs Heretic. Next to that, they produced a second Cracked show, where attendees got a glimpse of Blake Ciccone’s past and future, collaborated with the LA-based HVRTING for a tongue-in-cheek extreme card game, and with the Belgium-based Quietus Horror for Intérieur. Quietus was a newcomer this year, emerging on the scene early 2018 and creating several versions of Facsimile, an experience where participants explored a house and met the twisted mind that lived within. Speaking about twisted minds, October saw Heretic Haunted House flying in and working alongside Brutality in Switzerland once again, treating their guests to a warped nightmare for almost eight hours in VIVISEKTION: The Invitation. Read More

2018-12-08 – Faceless Ventures – Unwrapped

47680783_759845211016772_2089403226162987008_n (1)


Would you ever attend a show if you knew nothing except for the title and the company producing it?

That is the exact question that sparked through the minds at Faceless Ventures (FV) when they unleashed Unwrapped on the world – a show they called “Our gift to you”. And indeed, apart from a mysterious promo image and an intensity rating of three (mildly aggressive physical contact), every participant remained in the dark – right up until the point they were allowed inside the venue. Read More

2018-10-17 – CreepLA – AWAKE



Let me just jump straight into this one. You know that feeling after you wake up from a dream, one that was so vivid and made perfect sense at the time? You get out of bed, and at the breakfast table, you try to recount that dream, and your story just falls apart, things don’t make sense anymore, you feel the details just slipping through your fingers? Desperately trying and failing to convey some profound meaning that you don’t quite remember? This year’s iteration of Creep LA, AWAKE, was all about dreams and nightmares, and here’s me, sitting in front of my laptop, feeling like an idiot because recounting a dream never really works. Read More

2018-10-13 – Brutality x Heretic – The Invitation: VIVISEKTION




Swiss hospitality

I remember train tracks and overpasses, graffiti clad walls and construction sites. Headlights, smiling faces greeting us as old friends, warm hugs and generous welcomes. I remember mouthing the words to Les Champs-Elysées, gently swaying my head along to the tune. I remember champagne, hors d’oeuvres, Italian wine, casual conversation, holiday plans, stories about the kids. I also remember a slight unease in the air. The discourse being slightly forced. Lingering silences. The smiles, maybe, being a bit too friendly. I remember the music warping, the atmosphere changing. I remember it all going black. Read More

2018-06-07 – Gingerline – The Chambers of Flavour V3.0

chambers bigger


We found ourselves in London, following instructions we had received mere hours before. The two of us, dressed all in black, except for a pair of spectacularly colourful knee-high socks, finding our way through subway lines and pedestrian walkways, with nothing but empty stomachs and a craving for the unusual to drive us forward. The reason for all this? We had secured a spot in The Chambers of Flavour, a multidimensional dining quest created by the verging-on-madness minds at Gingerline, who have been creating mysterious and delicious immersive dining experiences since 2010. Read More

2018-06-09 – Cracked – The Ciccone Tapes (Private Show)



Close your eyes. Ten. Nine. Eight. A moldy shed, the light filtering through cracks in the wall, illuminating a pattern of floating dust particles. Face down, six bodies, dead on the concrete floor. In front, an altar. Seven. Six. Five. More victims. A masked man, dressed in camouflage gear, slumped against the wall. Four. Three. Another, all in white, a gas mask obscuring his face. Count backwards. Two. One. Open your eyes. Read More