2017-10-30 – Rogue Artists Ensemble – Kaidan Project




I find myself in an office, littered with artefacts and memorabilia, potential clues as to what might have happened to Kana – an old friend who had gone missing. Origami figures, fox masks, bizarre notes scribbled down. Lights flicker, the phone rings – it’s her. A message to trust the guardians. Then, an old freight elevator comes down, along with a peculiar robed figure, its face covered by a huge reed basket, beckoning us inside. The shutters close, and we are transported up, to the fifth floor. Read More


2017-10-28 – Apartment 213


apt213 header



Few things scare people more than the unknown. So, it makes sense that when a new group raises its head in the immersive horror landscape, it creates some ripples. What will their vision and style be? How far will they go? More importantly, who the hell are these people? Without any comfort of existing reviews or friends having gone through before, participating in these experiences really means throwing yourself into a vast hole of nothing. For the group itself, it must be daunting as well – this is where they draw the lines. So, leave your doubts at the door, and enter Apartment 213. Read More

2017-10-28 – Night Shift DTLA




Starting a new job can be exciting, but rather stressful. I’m wearing overalls, shifting boxes around in a grimy packing warehouse with the manager breathing down my neck. Clearly, it’s not been his week – not our fault, mind, but he surely is taking it out on us, screaming in our faces, showering us in his spit. Missing shipments, employees disappearing, the place is in disarray and it would apparently come down to us to sort out the mess. I swear, these jobs through temp agencies, you can find yourself in some weird situations. Read More

2017-10-27 – Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre – Urban Death



It’s not exactly a place that will make you look twice – in fact, most passerby won’t even grant it a single glance. No one who hasn’t gone beyond the doors of ZJU could ever tell what goes down inside. But those in the know could tell you that what lies behind that unassuming facade is a home for bizarre, daring and wholly original theatre. The connoisseur’s choice for dark and horrific delights, a black box where anything can happen. A large crowd had gathered outside for the latest incarnation of Urban Death, and the air was buzzing with excitement. Not long after, we were handed the world’s most useless flashlight, and were ushered inside. Read More

2017-10-26 – The 17th Door – Locked Up



A prison guard with a face only a blind mother could love is working the crowd lining up to be incarcerated in the Perpetuum Penitentiary. In tow, a chained up inmate, orange jumpsuit, and in dire need of some orthodontics. Stuck between chainlink fencing, clouds of smoke envelop us, the green glow from the 17th Door logo filtering through. A cattle prod is waved in my face, an electric spark briefly illuminating the glee in the guard’s eyes. Read More

2017-10-26 – Escapade Games – Zoe



Alright – the secret’s out. I had never done an escape room before. I’m not too sure why either, it’s not that I don’t like a well put together puzzle. Maybe it’s these (often true?) claims that the puzzles can present a disconnect to the story, just collecting and putting together random codes and keys. Or, more likely, being the sociable beast that I am, it might be because escape rooming is an inherent group activity, and you can’t just show up by yourself and figure it out solo. No matter – I had been hearing so much praise about Zoe, and along with its horror theme, it was a no brainer that I had to give this room the dubious honor of popping my escape room cherry. Read More

2017-10-25 – CreepLA – LORE



That thin line between reality and make belief. Humankind has a habit of dealing with its own darker side by embellishing the raw facts and creating elaborate fantasies, in an attempt to make reality more bearable. Behind every morbid tale or horrific fantasy, there is a seed of truth, however deeply buried. It is these grains, the origins of our gruesome stories, that Lore attempts to dig up. Read More