2017-10-14 – Faceless Ventures – Diary of a Deceased



A man is brought into a morgue. No one knows who he is, nothing in his pockets. He was found in an alleyway, clutching a book in his hands. His diary. Just four pages remain, all the rest, torn out, mere shreds remaining. The nurse, tasked with taking care of the body, can’t contain her curiosity, and starts to read what is inside. This is where we walk in. Read More

2017-10-07 – VERBØTEN – Brutality x Heretic Haunted House



There is conflict in the mind of a murderer. Two violent monstrosities, battling each other, tearing their way through anything, or anyone, they can find. There is no peace here. Only destruction.

Ten minutes before my appointment with Brutality, I start walking down a deserted road, all alone, surrounded by industrial buildings. Looking over my shoulder, wondering whether they were watching me. A while later, I reach the door, a crossed out O taped in front of an illuminated window. I’m early, everlasting minutes punctuating my feelings of dread. A silhouette appears in the window, awaiting me. Upstairs, I can hear shouting, heavy hits. I really want to turn back – but I don’t. Read More