Fraternity – The story so far (+ post event update)


A mere two months ago, Fraternity was announced. An experience designed by the people behind the Frequent Fear podcast – lasting for about thirty minutes, all by yourself. In those two months, a lot has happened, different sides to the unveiling story have come forward, and it is even starting to look like the creators of this show are in over their heads. For those who just stumbled onto Fraternity, or for anyone who wants to refresh their memories – a recap of what has happened. Read More


2017-05-13 – Snuffhouse After Dark

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I can’t complain. I had it coming. During three different incarnations of Snuffhouse Alone, it became a bit of a gag for me to tease Mr. Black. To see how far I could take it. And it was a lot of fun – at Christmas Dinner I showed up in a Santa hat and a silly christmas jumper, before Valentine’s I wrote him a cheeky love letter. And I always got away with it, kind of. Drenched and beaten up a bit more than I would have been, but good times, all in all. Now, I was to enter his home for what looked like the final time. He had four hours to give me a proper send-off. I wouldn’t be the one laughing this time. Read More