2017-04-17 – Cracked vs H E R E T I C

cr vs h 3

“Dear subject 7. It is now less than 24 hours until Cracked vs Heretic begins.”

I had been at this place before. Ten of us, standing around a desolate road leading from nowhere to nowhere, dressed in layers upon layers of clothes we were okay with to discard in the hotel room’s trash can some six hours from now. We had been waiting nine months for this – nine months since Cracked vs Heretic first was announced. Scrutinized and evaluated thoroughly on the player page. Alliances and banter and friction. Tension arising. I had been here before, this situation, this place. Difference is, the last time, I was nervous. This time, I felt like my chest was caving in under the weight of a truck – for days already. Read More