2016-11-20 – 139 Copeland Road


The house is now scheduled to be demolished. Anything that might have happened will be wiped clear, soon. We were still able to visit the premises of 139 Copeland Road – and without a shadow of a doubt, something is very, very off at this place. Read More


2016-11-19 – The Last Dance


Finding solid footing after a blindfolded leap of faith is a reward all on its own. I knew barely a thing stepping through the doors of Hoxton Hall, but here I was, dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, like all the other attendants. A tale of love and connection. A dystopian matchmaking institute, promising success rates of 100%. The price of love? We’d soon find out. Read More

2016-11-18 – WHITECHAPEL – Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron


East London, Whitechapel. September 29th 1888. The sense of terror, tension and vulnerability is palpable. A killer has been stalking the streets of this crime-ridden district, and police is nowhere close to catching the culprit. A group of vigilantes, frustrated by the lack of progress, tries to take matters in their hands. Everyone is a suspect. This is the world we enter. Would we be able to help resolve the case of the Leather Apron? Read More

2016-11-11 – Horror Zone


And just like that, Halloween had passed. Another year of waiting before the ghouls would come out again. Christmas taking over and all that. But – Halloween had one last trick up its sleeve: The Horror Zone, a scream park in Best, Holland, would again be opening its doors for three cold November weekends, sending off the season in style. But, would this trick also be a treat? Read More

2016-10-29 – Zombie Boot Camp: Asylum


It’s not like we hadn’t been warned. A good number of people had told us about the physicality of Zombie Boot Camp. Guests being thrown against the walls, actors jumping on your back, bruises, days of being sore afterwards. To make things worse, we had chosen their Asylum event – advertised as their most extreme horror experience. The waiver beforehand was enough to make us doubt our decisions, even just for an instant. They were pretty clear we were coming out battered, and we had put our signature under a document stating more serious injuries could potentially occur. What had we let ourselves into? Read More

2016-10-28 – Immersive Events: Sanatorium & Origins


The situation had deteriorated even more quickly than I had anticipated. While scavenging for useful items, a group of the infected had caught wind of our presence. As my fellow survivors ran for the exit, my path was blocked by dead bodies, upturned furniture, and a couple of ravenous zombies, snarling violently. At the other side of the room, I see our team leader, ready to throw the door shut. Time for a mad dash. Wielding a torn off arm as a weapon, I vaulted a table, sprinted towards safety, and impacted head-first with the closing door. The smack was forceful enough to throw the door open again, and with our leader yelling GO! GO! GO! just behind me, I shook the dancing light spots out of my eyes, and continued the frenzied journey to the safe room. Read More

2016-10-28 – Terror 13: The KarnEVIL of Khaos


A mere two months earlier, we had been standing in the exact same spot – a narrow alley near the New Brighton seafront, waiting for the Terror 13 door to swing open. Back then, we came to visit their Asylum show, and a madhouse it was indeed. Once we came out the other end that day, a huge grin was cemented on our faces, the onslaught of laughs and scares had completely won us over. The Terror team had now rethemed their show into the KarnEVIL of Khaos, and there was no doubt in our minds, this was a show we just had to see. Read More

2016-10-27 – York Hallowscream


You can immediately tell a scream park has put the time and effort in when their overlying story is an elaborate multi-character page turner. York Hallowscream tells the tale of entrepreneur and innovator Charlie Tornees, leading a circus troupe in the 1870’s along with Joseph Clement, an engineer and inventor. In dire need of a winter campsite, Charlie tricked a farmer into letting them use his land for their circus, full of exotic animals and futuristic contraptions. Once the farmer, a shady character himself, found out he had been deceived, he drove a pitchfork through the stomach of former lead attraction Corny the clown, killed Charlie, and set fire to the entire circus. A raging inferno, and everything went from bad to worse when Old Grey, a huge bull elephant, stampeded around the blazing grounds, demolishing everything in his trail, trapping all the workers inside to burn to their deaths. Not that you need to know this entire backstory to enjoy the park, but every single maze in Hallowscream somehow ties in with the storyline. A cool little detail for those prepared to look a bit further. Read More

2016-10-27 – Doncaster Fear Factory



I don’t think it even took a full minute before we got our first scare in. It had just gotten dark, we drove up the car park of the Doncaster Fear Factory. Parked the car. Ignition off. Grabbed back for my coat. Scare actor against the window. Goddamnit. The mazes, set in an old farmhouse building, weren’t even open yet, but groups of girls were already running around screaming, away from one of the roaming actors. The scene was set. Read More