Petition – UK reboot of Fringe Immersive’s Dead of Night trilogy


Something different this time. We are teaming up with Scareflix & Thrill in hopes of bringing an amazing immersive horror experience to the UK – and to pave the way for more of these productions. Please, give this a read, and sign the petition over here. The pitch:


Drug trials. Government overwatch. Covered in blood. Dystopian societies. Satanic cults. MK Ultra. Police brutality. Mind control. Unidentified liquids. Project Montauk. Signing away your soul. Hallucinations. Conspiracy theories. Otherworldly rituals.

Do those phrases entice your interest? Do they tickle that very particular spot, sensitive to mystery, suspense and dread? Do you crave total immersion into a world that’s close enough to the border between fantasy and reality to make you doubt it isn’t all very, very real? Read More