2016-08-20 – Snuffhouse: After Dark

— This review is for the 2016 version of Snuffhouse After Dark. There were still a couple of teething problems in this version, which were addressed in later shows. The review for the 2017 event is right here. —


Back in 2015, a haunting image of a man, shushing us, suddenly popped up. A brand new extreme UK attraction, like no other, looking for willing participants. Snuffhouse. Intrigued, I obediently followed their instructions, as they promised to be ‘always watching’. Suddenly however, the stream of information stopped, and it seemed Snuffhouse was dead and buried. Months later, rumours started flying around of a collaboration between US and UK haunts, involving the amazing NY based Fringe Immersive, and the notorious Russ McKamey. The bombshell dropped at ScareCON – AtmosFEAR was going ahead with Snuffhouse: After Dark, hosted by Mr. McKamey himself. The latest in a relatively short line of UK extreme attractions, lasting four hours. Of course we had to experience this – even though ominously being  reminded that “we really don’t want to do this”. Read More


2016-08-20 – Terror 13: Asylum


When we first met the lovely horror family of Terror 13 at ScareCON I was immediately intrigued, placing their year-round underground attraction near Liverpool high on my to do list. Their costumes were an absolute eye catcher, but perhaps it was the somewhat The Devil’s Rejects-like vibe they were emanating that drew me in the most. Nice enough people, but with a nasty side you don’t necessarily want to encounter, hidden júst underneath the surface. Opportunity arose, and soon enough we found ourselves standing in a derelict alley near the seaside of New Brighton, waiting for the front door to swing open. Read More