Retrospect – Scarefest 2013


As a Belgian rollercoaster-addicted kid – I even had a coaster scrapbook – Alton Towers was always high on my to-do list. Oblivion’s drop into darkness, the sharp twists and turns of Nemesis, I couldn’t stop dreaming about them – but the channel and quite a few miles of English highway that separated me from the park were a barrier impossible to overcome for a twelve-year-old. In 2013 my childhood dream finally came true, as we made an epic two-day visit, incidentally coinciding with Alton’s Scarefest. What’s more, this culmination of everything I adored as a kid was able to spark my more recent passion for horror entertainment. Quite poetic, no? Read More


2015-11-13 – City of Fears


“Why bother going through all the effort of building elaborate sets when we can just find an existing creepy place and go with that?” A very good question indeed, and it is exactly what the organizers behind City of Fears must have thought – they were able to repurpose an area used for military, police and fire department training for all of their haunt fantasies. Read More

2015-11-05 – Walibi Belgium


For our last big theme park visit of the year, we took off to Walibi Belgium. Our Halloween visit last year was a complete catastrophe – the park had been full way over its capacity, queues spilled out from the actual queue lines and intermingled with each other, while the haunts turned into polka lines later on in the evening. With a less busy date and fast passes in hand, could Walibi fulfill its promises this year? Read More