2015-10-03 – Horror Nights NL

horror nights nl

This event is over for the season, and I have included a number of spoilers. However, it is possible some of these mazes might return next season, so if you want to be safe, maybe try another article.

The scare industry around Belgium seems to consist mainly out of two distinct types of events during Halloween – either it’s theme parks doing a horror makeover, which can be pretty awesome, but you’ll have to fork over a big wad of cash, or you get tiny, local ghost walks through the woods, which can be fun as well, but are often somewhat lacking in scale, scares and budget. So, when I caught word of a dedicated scare park in Holland, it wasn’t a difficult decision, and I jumped into my car the next day for a visit. Read More

2015-10-30 – Bobbejaanland Halloween

bobbejaanland halloween

Bobbejaanland is a Belgian theme park once dreamed up by Bobbejaan Schoepen, a singer/entertainer who often dressed up as a cowboy. Somehow, I don’t think that what’s going down in the park these weeks around Halloween was part of his original idea. Read More

2015-10-16 – Walibi Holland Fright Nights


Ahead of us, the lift hill of Walibi Holland’s wooden rollercoaster disappeared in the mist. I was in the last carriage, and as I looked back strobe lighting lit up the fog. I could just make out a group of girls sprinting away, with a zombie in pursuit, while pyro effects were setting the sky ablaze in the distance. Sirens and screams, just faintly above the rattling of the coaster. Without a doubt it was the most apocalyptic view I’ve ever seen. And then we plunged into the darkness. Read More

2015-01-28 – Nightmare in Budapest


The evening had not gone quite as expected. I was on a citytrip in Budapest with my girlfriend expecting to see the sights, go to a hot water spring spa, spend the evenings at their famed ruin pubs, something like that. But here we were, just the two of us at a dark abandoned bus terminal, somewhere in the outskirts of the city, surrounded by industrial buildings and large blocky flats, without a clue where we could find this “Nightmare in Budapest” haunted house. Read More