Lost on the vast plane between art and terror.


Have I felt fear? I have been nervous and anxious. Blown away. Overjoyed, in awe. Sad. Empty. Utterly amazed. Confused, bewildered. I have burst out into laughter, I have felt transported into a different world. Urgency, empathy, shock, exhaustion. I have felt focused and aware and hyperconscious. I have ran, I have screamed, I have jumped. I have been frozen on the spot. But I have no idea whether I have felt fear, in its purest form. I just don’t know, simple as that.

Horror should feel unsafe. Distressing. Unexpected. I want to be challenged, exhilarated, jolted, disgusted, disturbed and violated. I want to be taken out of my comfort zone. I will always enjoy a campy Halloween walkthrough, for sure. But the things that stay with me? The things that linger through my mind and are always there, as a constant undertone of my daily going ons? The things that leave their mark, imprinted, forever with me? They are situated somewhere on this vast, continuous plane between fear, confusion, beauty and mystery. Immersive experiences with art on one end, and pure terror on the other.

This is not a review site, per se. I have long come to the conclusion I won’t be able to visit every single scare attraction, and that never was my intention. It might just be some kind of self-reflective, cathartic thing for me to do after living through these horror experiences. But, this is me, visiting the shows that manage to intrigue me, manage to entice my curiosity. And afterwards, I share an insight. A sketch through blurred glasses. Don’t expect the full experience, I offer merely a hint of what it felt like. My only motivation is that maybe I can convince a few people to take a step in the unknown themselves.


Review list.


As of yet, I want to specifically mention a couple of experiences that were able to give me exactly what I wanted to find. They immersed me in worlds I didn’t know existed. They knocked me off my feet. I shared them with people that are forever in my heart now.


Cracked Survival Experience

Heretic Haunted House- T H E E N D

Cracked vs H E R E T I C


VERBØTEN – Brutality x Heretic Haunted House

Heretic Haunted House – DEVIL

The Sudden Loneliness Gift – Misere



In case you read through my ramblings and want more, I would recommend these sources.

Scare Addicts – mainly covering UK scare attractions, but dabbling in immersive theatre. Quality reviews with a fair critical eye.

Haunting – LA based website, with a wide coverage of scare attractions and immersive horror. Event calendar, intensity guides, general articles to get you started and a huge amount of reviews, this is your go-to website for US immersive horror.

My Haunt Life – Mike and Russell are absolute haunt celebs, and the nicest people on top of that. They regularly release excellent podcasts discussing the immersive theatre and haunt scenes, discussing their adventures and featuring interviews with relevant people in the business.





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